Loach Fanatics

Loach Fanatics is the Facebook group of the International Loach Association, it is a very friendly, informative group that has steadily grown since starting up in August 2012.

The purpose of Loach Fanatics is to bring together likeminded people and raise awareness of the needs of loaches, husbandry, habitats, new species and spawning reports. We are lucky enough to have people in this group who catch and observe wild fish and often share photography of freshly caught fish and also fish undisturbed in their natural environment.


We want to be able to cover every aspect regarding loaches, from time to time images may appear of dead specimens and occasionally images of loaches that have been caught for food in their native countries, this is not meant to cause offence in any way but is a part of the natural diversity of this species. There are times when this is the only time we may get to see photos of lots of individuals of any one species which can help show pattern variation etc, it has also been noted that a lot of ichthyologists actually frequent fish markets and see fish rarely caught for the aquarium trade.


It has to be remembered that these fish were caught for food long before they became sought after by aquarists. 

Dojo Loach

At Loach Fanatics we realised that Misgurnus and Paramisgurnus species have become very popular, commonly referred to as Weather loaches or Dojo Loaches we felt it worth setting up a group dedicated to these fun and outgoing species of loach.


Thankfully the feedback has been great and the group is growing well and like Loach Fanatics is a very friendly environment, please feel free to visit.